We are a small hobby kennel, dedicated to the breed and the breed standard.   Mostly we only breed when we need something to show. We breed for ourselves to improve our dogs health wise and for conformation. We started showing in 1987 with Lakeland Terriers, and only had a few when we starting showing Norwich.  The Norwich fit our life style better they are my pride and passion, and love talking and showing and being around these cute little dogs.

Our litters are usually small 1 to 3 puppies, so there are very few to go around. Temperment is most important, I want a dog or a bitch that can go anywhere and do anything without fear.   I want them to be great family dog as well as show dogs, I live with my dogs in the house even though I do have a very small kennel that is usually only used on a limited basis.

The Norwich Terrier Club of America is our main club although we do belong to the local terrier club and an all breed club.   We only have 1 or 2 litters per year to find the next best thing in the way of show dog.  Showing our dogs in conformation is important to us.  Showing our dogs in bred by exhibitor doing ourselves is very important.  The last one I finished qualified for Eukanuba National Specility last year and also is qualified for this year.

The only thing about a Norwich is that it’s hard to have just one!

Karen Whalen
Unique Norwich Terriers